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twitter: @ZiskaC

Scenic Artist Resumee includes:



The Constant Wife, Allen Moyer Scene Designer

La Boheme, Baz Luhrmann Production

Gypsy, Anthony Ward Scene Designer

Man of La Mancha, Paul Brown Scene Designer

Phantom of the Opera, Maria Bjornson SceneDesigner

Miss Saigon, John Napier Scene Designer

Les Miserables, John Napier SceneDesigner

"M" Butterfly, Eiko Ishioka Scene Designer

Beauty and the Beast, Stan Meyer SceneDesigner

Fiddler on the Roof, Boris Aronson Designer

Jerome Robbins Broadway, Oliver Smith, Jo Mielziner, Boris Aronson, Robin Wagner and Tony Walton Scene Designers


Feature Films:

Wilde Wedding, Arthur Jongewaard Art Director

White Fang II, Cary White ProductionDesigner

Alice, Santo Loquasto Production Designer

Shadows and Fog, Santo Loquasto Production Designer

Do the Right Thing, Wynn Thomas ProductionDesigner

Rude Awakening, Mel Bourne ProductionDesigner



Jeep "Loredo" Dick Carter, Art Director



Saturday Night Live, Pat Woodbridge Arti Director

The Cosby Show, Rosaria Sinisi Art Director

Winter X Games, Noubar Stone Art Director



Peter and the Starcatcher, Theatre Aspen

Mamma Mia, Mark Thompson Scene Designer

The Circle, Desmond Heeley Scene Designer

Cats, John Napier Scene Designer




Elixir of Love, San Francisco Opera Allen Moyer Scene Designer



Nutcracker: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Miellures Amis, Jacques d'Amboise, Red Grooms Scene Designer



Art and Installations:

Chirs Ofili installation Aspen Art Museum

Aspen Ideas Festival 2014-2015, Art installation

Banners for David Levine

Gallery Representation: Basalt Gallery

Studio show: #4 rue de L'Universite, Paris



Nolan's, Hudson Studios


Assoc/Asst. Design Resumee Includes:


Aspen Ideas Festival 2012-2014, Design Consultant


TED Conferences 2010-2012, Tom Hennes Principal Designer


Broadcast Media:

CNN Election 2004, RNC and DN, Guy Pepper Design Director

CNN Election 2000, Election Night, RNC, DNC and Primaries

CNN Larry King Live, Craig McMahon Design Director

CNN Financial Network, Craig McMahon Design Director

CNN Sports Illustrated, IKDZ Principal Designer

CNN Illustrated IKDZ Principal Designer

CNN Money, IKDZ Principal Designer

CNN Espanol, IKDZ Principal Designer

TNT WCW, IKDZ Principal Designer

NBCGallup Poll Broadcasts, IKDZ Principal Designer

NBC Late Night with David Letterman, Kathleen Ankers Art Director


National Commercials:

Jeep "Laredo" Dick Carter Art Director (sketch artist)

Ski-Do, @radical Media

Burger King, IKDZ Principal Designer

Shake and Bake, IKDZ Principal Designer

American Plastics, IKDZ Principal Designer

Sears, IKDZ Principal Designer



HP Discover Paul Palazzo Principal Designer

Sony Playstation, Paul Palazzo Principal Designer

SAPSaphire, Paul Palazzo Principal Designer

AT&T Innoventions, Paul Palazzo Principal Designer

IBM Innoventions, Paul Palazzo Principal Designer

AT&T Caribiner Group (and many many more)

PC Expo OC Productions

Matercard, OC Produtions

Sun Microsystems Java script demo

Nike "Roboshoe", Dennis Moore Productions Principal Designer



Little Shop of Horrors, Marty Robinson "Audrey" Designer

Les Miserables Tours, Keith Gonzales Associate Designer

INXS Live in Aspen

Elton John Reg Strikes Back (sketch artist)


Island ECN Channel launch, IKDZ Principal Designer












Luxe Magazine "the Colorado Home redefined, Off the Wall"

Robb Report “Singular Sensations”

House Beautiful “Decorating | top designers, Stage Struck”

The Denver Post "Elixir” an exhuberant pick-me-up"

The Denver Post, "Elixir Gets a Dose of America"

The Aspen Times "Arts and Entertainment Profile"




Emmy Certificate: Lighting Design My South Speaks

Telly 2007- BronzeColor Theory for Light and Paint


Heated Working Studio Space for Rent
40'x35' Floor Space, 13'-6" high grid,
12x12 load-in doors, Truck Parking,
Still Shoots, Construction, Paint, Video Shoots,
Green: Recycling and Solar Panels